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Day 21: Homecoming

After 30 hours of cars, trains, and planes, our family and friends set up camp at the airport.  What they didn't know was that we were delayed out of Dallas due to a problem with our landing gear. It was only 40 minutes but to me it felt like an eternity.  Nethertheless, they held steady and waited...and waited...and waited some more. 

Until this happened around 1am on Monday morning!  

We were home! 

And it felt so good!   

Dressed in pajamas, the Trusty children scrambled to meet "The New Guy" as Nola affectionately calls him.  

It was one of those mom moments where you think to yourself.....

dreams really do come true.

And within a nanosecond you pull your head out of the clouds and go back to work...parenting. Who knew Bear would react to my hugging Katie with such drama.  Points for effort, son.  Points for effort. 

And to make matters worse, his new "older but smaller" sister really, really wants to treat him like a baby. For Bear, it was insult to injury.  

But no worries.  It wasn't anything a little love couldn't fix...for the moment at least.  I adore this pic because it captured the "Ut-Oh" look that I gave Dennis. The look that says, our "twins" are not off to the best of starts.

But here's the amazing thing.  We were built to find the new normals as our lives change and evolve.  It's stepping out in faith that allows us to find complete comfort that everything will be alright.  

And with the love and support of our family, friends and church....I'm pretty sure our new normal will come soon.

We did it, Little Man.  We made it home.     

Daddy and I know that you will not remember this day and that's ok.  Because the most important thing to remember is that we were always coming for you. And our hearts are so content.  And with time, we pray yours will be, too.     

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