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Days 19 & 20: Travel Time

The journey home is a bit like walking on hot coals. Erase that..not dramatic enough.  It's like crawling through fire!  You just know that it will be slow and painful.

This specific journey was 30hrs from door to door.  We started at the airport where we had lunch and waited for our flight.  Bear helped me check my messages and pick out a bag of m&ms for our carryon.  

After that we found a playground at the airport where we burned another 30 minutes before boarding.  Little man wasn't so happy when a new friend blocked him from spinning the big, red wheel.  

He found other ways to occupy his time and really enjoyed crawling in and out of the play structures.   

And when it was time to leave, Bear put on his shoes like a champ and walked away without any issues. Ok.  Maybe it didn't happen like that but this is my story and I am going with it.    

From there we walked The Plank..The Green Mile...whatever you want to call it.  You know, that last stretch before getting on a plane with a toddler for a 16hr international flight.  Yes, I am exaggerating but knowing that you are about to board the hardest part of the journey is pretty intimidating, even for a seasoned traveler. 

Bear took this time to formulate a plan that included a 30hr eating and drinking fast.  He also decided that he would sleep as little as possible on said international flight.  And oh, that he would reach between the seats every chance he got to touch the man in front of us.  Look at that smug little grin.  

Yup. We had some hangups, hiccups and headaches but we made it home!  Was it perfect? Nope. Could it have been worse?  Yes!  All in all...it really wasn't that bad at all.  And it's kind of like labor.  As each day passes, I forget a little more.  By next week I could be reporting that it was the most relaxing flight I have ever been on!

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