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Day 18: Hong Kong Disney

We arrived in Hong Kong late in the evening and enjoyed the scenic 4hr drive.  The lights at the harbor were fabulous and the combination of mountains, water and skyscrapers give the city such an exotic-urban feel...unlike any other city we have visited.  We were here last year and enjoyed sun up to sun down touring for several days.  This time, we wanted something a little easier...slower paced while we waited for our flight home.  

We ended up here! Hong Kong Disneyland!    

I am guessing you are wondering how this happened.  Let me begin.  Yes, we are huge Disney fans and regretted not visiting last year as our mission was to absorb as much REAL HONG KONG as possible. But it really wasn't on our radar until we started thinking about what we would do with one short day before our flight.   The truth is, it was an easy decision.  It is located on the same small island as the airport...which is separate from the city. This would give us a very quick commute the next morning straight from the resort.  We also knew that if we got stuck in the worldwide VISA mess, the resort would be totally refundable. And finally, if we were staying another night in China, we wanted a change of pace from the last 2.5 weeks.

This was definitly a change of pace!  It felt so much like The Grand Floridian, I could have wept tears of joy! 

After a peaceful night sleep, we walked into the park at opening.  There wasn't even a line!  Enter loud audible gasp here.

Bear enjoyed his first popsicle and all of the bright, cheerful colors.  He loved riding It's a Small World and hanging out in Toy Story Land.   

He and I relaxed as daddy made his way onto something a little wilder. 

Yup, Space Mountain.  My dad put me on this ride when I was in kindergarten and it effectively ruined me from all thrilling park attractions....forever...for the rest of my life.  Thank you, Dad!   

It turns out that Bear is braver than I thought.  His 2 favorite things from our Disney day were Mystic Manor (very cool haunted house) and the Paint The Night Parade.  

The park was basically empty. It was a cloudy, overcast day that gave us a little reprieve from the smothering heat.  And most importantly, it gave us a chance to rest before the 30 hr journey home.  We walked leisurely through the park, enjoyed a little mango-pineapple ice cream, rode the air conditioned rides without waits and reflected on our awesome journey.  And Bear...he wasn't overwhelmed at all.  In fact, he seemed happy and relaxed!  He clapped his hands and danced to the parade music.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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