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Down For The Count

Where should I begin???  I know.....with all the yuckiness that has consumed the last week and a half of our lives.  The truth is, we are just coming up for air.  

On July 4th a wave of illness hit the Trusty home with a lead fist.  It started with Jack and moved its way through all four kids and daddy in just a matter of days.  The first sign was a high fever, followed by nasty tummy issues.  At it's peak, all living room chairs and sofas were covered with drop clothes and each kid was assigned a seat and bucket.  On day six, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel when the second wave came....in the form of strep throat!  The cherry on top came just yesterday.  Bear stumbled on a step and made his first trip to the ER for stitches! When you mix in some major jet lag and 2 tantrumming toddlers, you've got something really special.  And this my friends is just a sampling of the fun we have been having!   

The truth is, it's not what I had in mind for our first 2 weeks together, but we survived and I am sane enough to blog again.  At least I think.  And there have been plenty of heart warming, enjoyable and silly moments mixed in.  Nola lost a tooth and the fairy delivered something more appropriate than the previous iTunes gift card.  Bear has several English words under his belt...including the phrase "I'm mad."  Katherine can sing almost any song she hears and makes us smile as she hoarsely croaks out each word of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  And Jack...ever the entertainer has started telling jokes...knock-knock jokes to be precise.  Heaven help us!

Most notably, our budding artist went to art camp this summer and created these beauties:



"4 Silly Kittens"

"A Hamster With A Hat"

"Rainbow Horse"

"Colorful Fish"

Looks like all of those years choosing the art center in preschool have paid off!  We have some framers!  

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kate!

Day 21: Homecoming