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Lean, Mean, Demo Machine

You know that moment when someone tells you something that's just too good to be true?

Yeah, that happened today for Jack!

It was demolition day and Daddy gave his son a pep talk before the big event.  We worried that the noise might scare Jack or that the size of the excavator would be intimidating.  

But the only thing intimidating was Jack's determination.  He was feeling mighty brave and very confident.  Yeah, he is a stud muffin.  

And with one final hug

We sent Jack off to where very few men have gone before...in the seat of an excavator! 

And poor Mr. Floyd couldn't see the look that glazed over Jack's eyes.  You know, that crazy look that he gets right before he pushes it a little too far.

I'm not sure what my Demo Man did, but that machine rocked back and forth and even gave a little skip..knocking off his hard hat off and earning a nervous smile from Mrs. Floyd. 

But few minutes later, he found his pace and gingerly whacked aways at his target. 

And just like that, a little boy's dream came true. 

I was waiting anxiously to hug the world's most handsome DEMO MAN...

but barely had enough time to give him a good "look over" to make sure he was still in one piece. 

You see, time was wasting.  He had to climb into the bucket to see just how big it really was. 

Plus he had an appointment with this fellow.  A real demo man who was kind enough to answer all of Jack's questions.  He is still talking about his buddy and how he gave him a fist bump when the the job was done.  

There is nothing more fulfilling than to see pure joy on a child's face...especially your own child's face.  A special thank you must be given to the "Fun Collyers" for playing a huge part in this amazing experience and for cheering Jack on as he chomped, chewed and spit out this old building. And to our beloved Robbie who came out to watch DEMO MAN in action.  

It is now an hour past Demo Man's bedtime and I can hear him whispering down the hallway to Nola.  I bet you can guess what they are talking about!   Sweet dreams, little man.  May they be filled with loud machinery, hard hats and fist bumping buddies.  

Baby Bear

Happy Birthday, Super Jack!