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Day 17: Shamian Island and Heading Home

Today is our last day on mainland China.  Around 4pm we will make our way to Hong Kong and should get to the hotel sometime in the evening hours.  With time to kill, we made our way to Shamian Island this morning to walk the parks and enjoy the architecture.  Shamian was once home to the US Consulate and most adoptive families stayed there.  That is no longer the case, but it's sure a pretty place to spend the day. 

It just so happens that today surprised us with such stifling heat and humidity that by 10am the news was reporting the combo made it feel like 110 degrees. It was a muggy mess but Bear held steady for over an hour before deciding he was done.  

I actually giggled as the pics were uploading...you can see us progressively melt as time went by. 

Funny enough, the locals didn't seem to mind.  

In fact, they just kept exercising and dancing together.  

Preschool age children were also visiting with their grandparents.....

and babies too.  This sweet mama asked for a photograph.  She was totally into it...the baby was undecided.  

One last picture of William before we leave today.  

Goodbyes are bittersweet.  In just a few hours we will part from our newly formed friendships and hop in a van headed for Hong Kong.  Our flight is in exactly 48hrs.  We will have to see what kind of fun we can dig up as we anxiously wait to board the plane home. 

We are coming Trusty littles....with hugs, kisses and a few really cool presents and snacks?  I was thinking chicken's feet but daddy thought you would rather have fish balls!   ewwww.

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