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Day 16: The US Consulate and Our Nightly Walk

We are done with all formal appointments, meetings and paperwork for Bear's adoption!  Wahoooooo! Tomorrow we should receive little man's visa and start our journey home.  Not much to report on the consulate appointment other than my reaction to seeing Ol' Glory posted proudly on the grounds.  It gave me chills to see it towering above the consulate and made me feel proud of our great country.  Oh, and I love that the families dress their new kiddos in red, white and blue.  Bear was no exception!

After a nice long nap and a little shopping, we headed out on foot for a walk.  My favorite thing about China is watching people interact with each other.  I thought for a second this card shark was Morgan Freeman...because that makes perfect sense.  Turns out I was wrong but I still enjoyed watching the game.  

I love that if you want to play, just show up with a bucket or stool and have a seat....shoes are not necessary.  

Another thing that make me smile is the ingenuity of scooter travel.  I have seen a scooter stacked to the sky with crates full of chickens, laundry, live shrimp, water bottles....and my favorite, children!  

And bikes...they are used to haul things too. But also for napping and reading the paper!

Often, we don't know where we are going until we get there.  Small side streets are the home to restaurants (look for small stools), markets and lots of apartments.  I repeat...lots of apartments.  That's what you are seeing just above street level. 

The sweltering heat and frequent rain put a damper on outdoor play, but we did make it to the park tonight. 

And Bear.....I think he enjoyed himself.  

Thanks for praying us home!  I have been busy packing and look forward to leaving mainland China around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon!   

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