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Day 15: Safari Park and Group Photos

We have 2 more sleeps in mainland China, 2 sleeps in Hong Kong and an overnighter on the plane before my tired feet hit the ground in Indy.  But who's counting?  

We spent the better part of the day at the safari park in Guangzhou.  It was fantastic and didn't rain a single moment as previously forecasted.  Bear loved the animals and would say "WOW" every time a new critter caught his eye.  The giraffes were his favorite but the pandas came in a close second.  He did great and actually rode in the stroller the entire time!!!   Feel free to shout AMEN...because I am!!!  My arms are exhausted and so painfully sore from carry this chubby man all waking moments of the day. 

After we returned from the safari park, we took quick showers and headed to the lobby for group pictures.  Bear was stylin' in his traditional silks! 

And this fellow....this is Pong Pong.  He is headed home to Oregon in a few days and I couldn't be happier for him.  He has the sweetest spirit and the truth is, I am soft on him.  Yup.  I have a little crush on the Pongmeister.  Bear is on to me, though.  Every time I give Pong Pong my attention, he cries.  Geesh... so jealous.   

*Note the message on Pong's shirt.  I noticed it in the lobby and literally cried for him.  It is his time...time for a family of his own! 

Tomorrow we are headed to the US Consulate to take our official oath as Bear's parents and then we wait for his visa to arrive on Friday afternoon!  Once that little beauty arrives, we will make our way to Hong Kong before flying home to Indiana.  I can smell the mint fields from here!  

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