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Day 14: Medical Appointment and Homesick

I am officially homesick. There, I said it. 

Oh, that darn Dragon Boat festival.  It is keeping us in country a little bit longer than the average international adoption trip.  I am happy to be here, to experience the culture and meet the people of China...but there is a limit before I am so homesick, I can barely think.  It happened today. We completed Bear's medical evaluation and now the only thing left to do is take "The Oath" at the embassy on Thursday and receive Bear's visa (God willing) on Friday.... sometime in the late afternoon.  So, for the next few days we will be waiting and killing time in country.  D can tell that I am getting anxious to get home, so he has filled the next few days with activities to keep us busy.  And my heart...well, it's aching.  You see, the rest of my little loves are on the other side of the world right now.  Any free moment is filled with thoughts of Rosie, Jack and Katie-Hui.  I cannot wait to hug them and kiss their little faces.  I. Miss. My. Children.

So, you are probably wondering how Bear did during his medical exam?  Let's just say that it went about as well as can be expected for a traumatized toddler.  Before leaving the country, every adopted child must go through at least 3 exams, with a 4th for children 2 years old and above.  Thank goodness we did not need to complete the 4th exam....it included a blood draw.

Bear went to the general physical exam, ENT and height/weight stations.  Our chubby cubby came in at a whopping 25lbs and 33 inches tall...making him officially bigger than his older sister, Kate.   But in the bravery department, she wins hands down.  Bear has a tender heart and is scared easily.  He spent his exam crying and reaching for me. It is safe to say that he is more Snuggle Bear than Grizzly Bear.    

You can't really blame a fellow, though. That ear thermometer is scary thing.   

And this picture isn't what it seems.  I'm not laughing at my Bear, but at my failed attempt to communicate with the physician.  I tried using hand gestures to explain to the doctor that he and I should act it out before doing the exam on my son. EPIC FAIL. I am guessing he went home and told his wife that some crazy American lady tried to get a free health screening!  

Although not reflected in Daddy's iPhone pics, Bear really was a trooper.  He was scared but didn't fight and even walked around the lobby a little bit.  Progress....yup!  Slow and steady little man, slow and steady.  

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