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Day 13: Shopping and The Pearl River Cruise

Today I enjoyed a little break from my mommy duties.  I spent a few hours this morning with a group of adoptive families shopping in the pearl and silk markets.  Dennis and I decided that he and Bear would stay back and enjoy some bonding time together....and the air conditioning.  This idea was a stretch considering that Bear has only let Dennis hold him for a total of 2 minutes.  Anytime D comes near him, he cries and tries to claw his way toward me.  

Much to our surprise, Bear did great while I was gone.  He cried for a bit before being distracted by the iPad and later, the phone.   By the time it was said and done, I returned to our suite where Dennis had taught him sign language for "more" and how to verbally say "Thank You!"  I was proud of both of my boys!

We ended the day with a cruise down the Pearl River.  There was a downpour just before we got on the boat, but thankfully it stopped quickly and we were able to enjoy the top deck with a cool breeze.  

We love the colorful buildings....

and the time spent bonding together as a family.  

Thank you for cheering us on!  Bear continues to make progress everyday and is slowly, very slowly warming up to Daddy.

If you feel inclined, please continue to pray for our family as we have a few hurdles to jump.  The worldwide visa system has been having some glitches and we hope that our paperwork is not held up while the kinks are being worked out.  Secondly, there is a typhoon brewing off the coast of southern China and we are seeing the rain from the storm.  We are scheduled to fly out of Hong Kong this weekend and desperately want to get home to our babies in the US.  Prayers for our safe return home are appreciated!   

Hugs to All

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