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Day 13: A Special Gift

Mrs. Trusty,

I went shopping for you today, sweet girl.  I know that William will want to give you something special for your wedding day...something that represents his birth home and Chinese heritage. Dennis and I talked about it briefly and decided that every young lady looks lovely in pearls. So, I set off  to find you the perfect pair of earrings while your groom napped comfortably in his crib. I spent over an hour selecting a classic pair of studs, much larger than those that you would wear everyday.  I know they need to be stunning if you are to wear them on your wedding day.  This special gift is now resting comfortably on my nightstand in a black velvet box as I type. In a few days, they will make their journey home to Indiana along with William and will wait for the next 20 some years for you to make your way to him.

All I ask of you, my dear, is to be gentle with my Bear.  His heart will be whole but as with all things broken and mended, the seams will be fragile.  He has experienced an unimaginable loss and those types of hurts do not go away easily.  He may harbor fear deep within, and if he does, reassure him that you are forever.  Be his best friend.  Be his partner. Be his family. And when you decide to grow your own family, know that the birth of your children will stretch and pull the fragile seams of his heart.  It is only then that he will know that his China Mama was forced to make a decision out of desperation, love and selflessness. And these types of revelations...they are oh, so painfully sweet and powerful. 

Thoughts of you,


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