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Day 9: Free Day in the City

Today was a much welcomed free day in the city.  Bear seems overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of our busy hotel and is growing weary of the room.  He stands by the door indicating that he has been cooped up long enough. Along with Joy and Quin (and their new families) we set out to find a park with what was possibly the worst directions we have ever received.   By the grace of God, we made it there without complication.

The highlight for our family was the koi pond in the center of the park. It was in full bloom and the pastels colors were a pleasant change from the smoggy grey city. I enjoyed watching a little girl sketch the pond and gazed at the grandparents strolling with their tiny tots. 

We stopped to feed the fish, watch people play traditional Chinese instruments and peeked at a tai chi group who were practicing their formations. Bear had a rumbly in his tumbly so we stopped for a bite of strawberry cake.  It takes a lot of fuel to keep the world's biggest 21 month old in tiptop shape.     

Bear can throw back food like a champ! 

It was such a pleasant outing that we were thrilled that our friend Lois was able to join us.  

Ok, her name is not Lois, but I think it is rude to have a date for the morning and not even know her name.  So, Lois it is.  This charming gal started following us at the entry of the park and continued until she worked up the nerve to ask us what in the world we were doing with a Chinese baby.  At least that is what I think she asked...I cannot confirm it either way.  Dennis handed her a little card in Chinese that explained our situation.  Lois was thrilled, clapped her sweet, delicate hands, and continued to walk with us for a while...now shoulder to shoulder.  That is when her friend, Ethel, joined in.  Now Ethel (not her real name but it seemed to fit) came to the party just as Dennis was fishing a teething cracker out of our bag for Bear to nibble on.  And without speaking the same language, I gathered this much:

Ethel thinks that teething crackers are not good for children, as noted by her finger wagging.  She believes that they are not good for the heart (she could have been pointing to the esophogus but I am not sure) and could make Bear sick.  I was instructed to march myself home to prepare my child some real food.   Once the real food is ready, I should pinch it off with my thumb and pointer finger and feed it to him like a baby bird!

My final thoughts as I exited the park after a thorough scolding:  Thank goodness Ethel didn't see that bag of jelly beans that I just fed Bear!

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