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Day 8: A Time to Rest

After the orphanage visit, we decided to take a day to rest.  We enjoyed walking the city streets, visiting the local markets and vendors and having dinner with Pong Pong and his new family.  Pong Pong is turning 14 and is a huge help to the adoptive families.  I am sweet on him and hope to keep in contact with his family.  His mama, Kristen, traveled alone to China to complete 2 adoptions this week!  She is my hero!

Highlights today included finding a children's shoe store and picking out some new kicks for our little cub.  We visited Walmart and chose some great Chinese board books to bring home.  Oh...and we found Bear's smile!

The truth is, he is still sad most of the time. 

But when he does smile....well, see for yourself!

He made a little bit of progress with Daddy today.  Dennis was able to sit next to him for a minute or two before he started to cry. He doesn't want Daddy too close, but he also doesn't want him to leave the room. Please pray for Bear to open his heart to Dennis.  I know that he desperately wants to hold his youngest son. Plus, I would like to shower without his sweet little face smashed against the glass crying for me to hold him.    

-Love to all   

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