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Day 6: Time to Go

Little Man,

This is it.  In just a few minutes, Daddy and I will make our way to the big government building where we will meet.  I have butterflies in my stomach but know that must pale in comparison to what you are feeling right now.  You are on your way, and in just one half hour we will meet you in the middle.  Whatever happens today is ok.  Everything will be ok.   

I got a note from Grandma Han. She wanted to let me know that you are quiet and afraid of strangers.  She also wanted to let me know that when scared you like to be held or given a small biscuit to soothe your worries.  If that doesn't work, she recommends a small toy car or toys that make sounds, your favorites. She calls you Bei-Bei (pronounced Bay-Bay) and cautions us that you like to climb on stairs and on top of things. Grandma Han says you like to play in water and look forward to your nightly bath.  She says that you are careful with toys and have gentle mannerisms. For dinner she says you like to be spoon feed a little sugar water with your meal and you really enjoy meat.  What a little man you are.  

Our bags are packed and it's time to go.  Inside, I have your favorite biscuits, toys that make sounds, a bottle and a sucker. You will recognize me, little man. I am the lady wearing her heart on her sleeve.  

See you in a few.

Love ,


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