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Day 4: The Great Wall and Food Street

Today we visited The Great Wall....and it was stunning!  

The stairs and towers were amazing and we loved exploring all of the little hidden places on and in the wall.  

It was definitely tricky foot work.  I snapped this pic to show just how small some of the stairs could be.  Others were as much was 30 inches tall and many folks had to bear crawl up them.  

After all that climbing we were rewarded with a very cool experience!  Once we were done, we took a TOBOGGAN ride back down to the entrance of the park.  It was exhilarating and fast and oh, so fun!   

After the wall we did a little jade shopping and stumbled upon this.  A Chinese drum show!   

It was beautiful and our group hung out to watch the show.

We didn't find out until later that it was a ticketed event and we didn't pay for the performance.  Now that's embarrassing, people. 

After leaving our FREE performance, we zipped through Olympic park.  I think the BIRD'S NEST is an impressive building!  And I got chills just seeing the Olympic rings!

All of that touring sure made us hungry, so we set out to the world famous FOOD STREET in Beijing.   As we walked up the street just a few blocks, I fell in love with this little car.  It's a 3 seater so it isn't very practical for the Trustys but it is sure cute and I would LOVE to give it a test drive.

Once in the market area, I found a few pretty treats.....

and commented to Dennis that our children would love to give these little beauties a try.  

But there were other things less appetizing.  Like these scorpions and pigeons? Oh, yeah.  That tray of beetles as well. 

Starfish? Octopus?

And whatever that is?

So, are you wondering what we had for dinner?????

Pizza Hut!  It was just a short walk away!

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