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Let's Play Ball!!!

We didn't end the weekend with Nola's birthday party! Oh, no! We soldiered on with a trip to the zoo and a baseball game on Sunday!  We try to hit up a game once a year and felt like we should squeeze it in before Bear comes home.  Yes, we could go later in the season, but no one loves sitting in sweltering heat for any length of time. So we saw and opportunity and grabbed it!

Jack ran out of gas from touring the zoo and asked his sister to push him at the ballgame.  She said, "Sure, Jack. I'll push you if it's OK with Mom."  Are you kidding?  I actually wonder if she can handle the double.  If so, Daddy and I will be on easy street!

Kate was fully of energy from being lugged around most of the day and took the opportunity to stretch her legs. Note her cell phone.  She asks people to pose for picture and commands them to say cheese.  Where on earth did she learn this? 

As usual, the big kids were all about the stadium food.  Cookies, hot dogs, soda and peanuts, oh my!  

My favorite part of any game is the cheering crowd!  Take a look at Jack trying to whistle!  He thinks it helps if he squeezes his lips together.  

My men!  I wasn't quick enough to capture the surprise nibble that Jack gave daddy on the tip of his nose. I honestly thought she was trying to give him a kiss!  

And Kate.  You know her...easily amused by the tiniest things. 

Like the water fountain!

What a great way to spend the day. Nothing tops hanging out with my family!  

Rosie...The Toothless Wonder

Happy Birthday, Rosie