I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Happy Birthday, Rosie


Dancer of The Hokey Pokey

Lover of Zebras, Hermit Crabs and Dogs

Wants To Be An Architect or Government Spy


Consumer of Spaghetti, Vanilla Yogurt, Cake and Ice Cream 

Answers to Peanut, Roseinator, Rose Bomb and Rosie mcmischief

Scared of Spiders, Roller Coasters And The Dark

Wearer of Nightgowns and Knee Socks

Vivacious Reader and Talented Artist

Smart, sweet Girl



My little bug turns 6 tomorrow and we celebrated with family and friends last weekend.  Nola's only request was a lemon cake with the name "Rosie" on top.  She said that she likes that our family has a special name for her.  So, a rose themed cake it was!  

A special birthday treat this year....FACE PAINT!  

Oh, and a surprise celebrity guest, too! We welcomed Iron Man to the back patio for a little birthday fun! 

If you are local, check out WACKY WILBANKS ENTERTAINMENT.  Owner Tabitha is amazing and party guests are equally amused by her fun-loving personality and talent!  

She's so good that she even got little sister to take a break from her tunes for a paint job.  When asked what she wanted, Kate was direct.  She said, "I want dolphin peese" and sat perfectly still.   

With face paint behind us, it was time to celebrate!

With the candles in place, we joined together in singing Happy Birthday to our girl. 

And she blew out the candles without hesitation. I'm not sure what she was wishing for, but I hope that it comes true!  Well, unless she was wishing for a Chihuahua again.  No thank you.   

We ended the celebration with presents!  When asked what her favorite was she said, "I loved them all, mama!" She is super excited with the art lessons, butterfly pavilion, arts and crafts, zoo pass, Legos and lipgloss. 

Happy Birthday, Nola.  You are kind, graceful, smart and fun!  You're a big, whopping ray of sunshine and we are so proud to call you our daughter!  


Mommy and Daddy   

Let's Play Ball!!!

Can You Tell Me How to Get....