I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Can You Tell Me How to Get....

Last Friday we headed downtown Indy with the littles to watch Sesame Street Live!  As we made our way through rush hour, my husband reached over and patted my leg.  He said, "Remember when we used to drive into the city for concerts?  Now we are headed to see Elmo."  I laughed before taking a trip down memory lane.  Yes, our 20s were fun..lots of fun.  But glancing back at the precious cargo that was wiggling with excitement behind me....I knew that I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and neither would he!

We arrived with just enough time for a quick pic and a visit to the cotton candy vendor! We had to make it in time for the dance party...Elmo was leading the crowd in THE ROBOT!  

All was going well and we rocked out to The Wheels on The Bus and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. 

And then THIS happened. 

I'm not sure who she is, but she scared the pants off of the Trusty children.  She hopped off stage and came into our row looking for a dance partner.  Kate squeaked "too scary" and Jack ran for Dennis and buried his head in daddy's chest.  And that my friends was the end of Sesame Street Live.  We packed up at intermission and made our way home.     


Happy Birthday, Rosie

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