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The Kindy 500

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, our little Rosie was invited to take part in the Kindy 500 at her school!  The children were asked to make a "box car" for the race!  My girl knew exactly what she wanted.....sparkly pink with a silver stripe!  Oh, and the number 6 on it...because everyone knows that 6 is the best number!  She and daddy worked three afternoons on it!  When race day arrived, we congregated in the gymnasium to meet the drivers!

I made a beeline to meet the driver of car #6!  She looked smart, small and very aerodynamic!  When asked for an autograph she said, "You're funny, mom!"  After a few pics, I made my way to the stands for the race! 

After sizing up the opponent, I placed my bets on #6.  She looked fierce with double braids, pink tennis shoes and a megawatt smile!   

They were just one stride apart.....

When he pulled ahead in the turn!  It was a close one, but #6 was a great sport and never stopped smiling. 

The group race was another story!  With 40 racers on the floor....car #6 broke away from the girls and pulled into the front of the pack...

With ALL the boys!  That a girl, Rosie-Roo.   

The racers crossed the finish line where cold milk was waiting and lots of hugs and high-fives!   

Happy Birthday, Super Jack!

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