I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Happy Birthday, Super Jack!


Desires a Pet Chicken

Wearer of Superhero Pajamas and T-shirts

Lover of Soup, Chinese Noodles & Hot Dogs

Excitedly Waiting To Share a Room With His Baby Brother

Enjoys Playing In The Sandbox, Swimming and "Having a Babysitter."

Wants To Be Superman When He Grows Up

Watcher Of Rescue Bots and PBS

Best Brother Ever



Tis the season for birthdays in the Trusty household!  Jack-Man had his heart set on a superhero affair and mama delivered the goods.  He requested a Superman-Spiderman cake that was chocolate and peppermint...his favorite flavor.  

He was feeling like big stuff and reveled in the spotlight for the day.

He shot laser beams from his eyes and webs from his hands...and with some help, used his powers to fly!

Yeah, he is pretty super.  

But his true power is capturing his mama's heart. 

And everyone else's too.  

Our oldest son.  

Empathetic, smart and kind.  

With pictures done, Daddy lit the candles and Jack blushed as we sang happy birthday.

He worked hard to blow out all FOUR candles.  

Then it was time for presents!

The Iron Man suit was a hit with the ladies.  

He loved everything...but was over the moon for a special surprise!  Remember the Boys and Girls Club auction a few months ago?  Well, let's just say that Jack was the proud winner of an experience of a lifetime.  In just a week, little man is going to join a demolition crew where he will level a building in our city.  Yup, Jack is going to take the first few blows!

Boy + Destruction + Heavy Machinery = A dream come true!

Jack, you are an amazing young man.  You are one of the funniest people we know, offering loads of laughter in a little package.  You. Make. Us. Happy.  


Mama and Daddy

Shout out to A+ Aunties Cassie and Melissa for coming to the party in SUPERHERO COSTUMES!  Oh, and Granny for this...

Lean, Mean, Demo Machine

The Kindy 500