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It's Program Time

Last week we headed out to Jack's preschool program!  Much to our surprise, Granny and Buscia were headed through Indy and made a pit stop to watch little man perform.  Thinking back to his stone-like performance at Christmas, I wasn't sure what we were going to get.  However, Jack has a way about him. He is sincere, charming and just a downright likable guy!  And this Spring, he let a little bit of his personality shine. 

Making a grand entrance, my little buddy waved to us from his place in line. 

He was all business as he and his classmates sang Eye Of The Tiger!

He flexed his muscles and showed off his manly physique in a size 3T suit!  

But most importantly, he was a good listener and followed directions.  

Oh, Jack.  You have no idea what a great little person you are. 

Way to let your little light shine at the preschool program!  We love you!  

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