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Spring Break 2015

Spring Break....what's not to love!  We headed out with cousin Anna in tow for a trip to the beach.   Hilton Head was an easy choice for us this year because it's beautiful and requires very little planning.  

Our days looked the same



And a little more beach

When the adults got tired of the beach...we kicked back and stayed a little longer.

In fact, we stayed until sunset every evening.  

Oh, and cousin Anna....she was terribly  busy doing this.  

Sure we did other things....favorite restaurants, shopping,  a girl's trip to the theatre for Cinderella and a quick Easter picture session.   

This is a special treat for my husband.

You see, there is nothing in this world that he enjoys more than having his picture taken.   

I have learned that it is best to "get him" as he horses around with the kids. It's less of a chore that way.

The girlies actually don't mind.  

And Nola thinks it's fun.  

But Jack..well, he is just like his dad.  Best to "get" him while goofing around.  

 More Spring Break 2015 coming soon....A Big Surprise!  

A Big Surprise

Becca Boo