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Bumblebee Bash

Little man and I are off to the Bumblebee Bash (a mother-son dance) later this evening.  It has been pouring rain so we took advantage of the break in the weather and popped outside for a few pictures.  I thought I would share them while my date is having his dinner.  When asked where he would like to go this evening for our special meal, he said that he really wanted to stay home and have some Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets and a glass of chocolate milk.  The man knows what he wants and who I am to persuade him otherwise.     

As with all family pics (Christmas Card and Birthday shoots not included) we live by a "Five and Fly" rule.  We take 5 minutes to snap away and then it is done.  Whatever we have captured is real life....like a silly smile

Sweet Kiss

Or a lick on the cheek for good luck!  

 Oh, and Just in case I forget to tell you later, little buddy....I had a really great time with you tonight!  

Love, Mama

Now, off to the dance!


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