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The Butterfly Ball

Dennis and Rosie made their way this evening to the Butterfly Ball, a father-daughter dance hosted by the school.  Rosie was excited and anxious at the thought of dancing with others and Daddy was having fun messing with her.  He poked at her most of the week by showing her the dance moves he intended to bust out for her friends.  His trademark moves include "the flippity flop" and "the octopus" and either could be confused with a convulsion or seizure of some sort. Any time he was able to grab her attention this week he would start dancing and she would cry out, "Oh No, Daddy!  Please don't do the Flipity Flop in front of my friends."  He would apologize and then moments later start doing it over again.  I cried several times from laughter as he teased her without mercy.  

Well, the dance finally arrived and my girl settled on a simple dress with "plain hair."  Daddy provided the pink, butterfly corsage that was intended for her wrist.  However, her frame is so tiny that the florist struggled to make it in her size and we ended up just pinning it on.  She was thrilled.  Moments ago they pulled out of the driveway for a frozen yogurt treat before the dance.  

I am sure, without a shred of a doubt, that they are having a fabulous time.  

And I wonder if Daddy is showing off his slick dance moves? I sure hope so!

Rosie, my love...you are darling.


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