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A Superhero and A Turtle

Ok, people. I have been hiding a secret.  A dirty little secret that I must free myself from.  Here it goes.  

We have been traveling to Hilton Head for a few years now and have enjoyed the leisurely shopping on the island more times than I can count. One store specifically is "small town famous" for selling hermit crabs to the tourists.  D and I love watching the children walk out with their new pets in tow but agreed that we would NEVER tote home a creepy little crustacean because our lives are busy enough.  Plain and simple.  Done.  Never gonna happen.  

Until... we walked into the shop a few weeks ago to find a hermit crab donning a Superman shell.  Now this may not seem like a big deal, but trust me.  It is.  Jack has recently changed his name to Superman, wears Superman underwear, pajamas and house shoes.  He wears a cape on a regular basis and Dennis spends time each evening helping him "fly."  The only decision to be made was "what color should the tank be?"

So, without further ado, it my pleasure to introduce: Superman/Spiderman!  He changes between the two shells so we never know who we are going to get.  Apparently he was feeling Spiderman on photo day.  

He is such a wiggly little fella and tries to get away any chance he gets.  

And because Nola was so impressed....we ended up buying another one.  Her name is turtle.   

She is bigger and more active than Superman/Spiderman but she doesn't like to change to shells.  Dropping her cool quotient just a little bit. 

Nevertheless, it has been a month and the children are still terribly impressed with them.  

So much for "never, ever, ever" bringing one of these little guys home.  It turns out that they are simple to take care of, reinforce responsibility and make our children deliriously happy.  They are growing on us...just a tiny bit. 

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