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Just Another Week

I have been back to work for three weeks now and boy things have been busy.  The big camera has been resting comfortably in it's bag (My favorite: The leather Ona messenger bag. Check it out here...http://www.onabags.com) and I have been capturing everyday life with my outdated cell phone. I have no talent whatsoever with it, but I treasure the images of everyday life...real life. Unedited.  Raw.    

J-Man enjoyed preschool and the Donuts With Dads event held at his school.  In addition to the morning treats, Daddy and little man made snowmen out of shaving cream and did the limbo! Just look how fast those little hands are moving!

Later in the week, Jack had a doctor's appointment. 

Here he is!  Checking himself out in the mirror!  

Well, hello handsome!

Aren't you a looker!

Nola kept busy with school and attending the play, "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" but her favorite was a special treat with Mama.  A Pacer's game!

It was her first time riding a school bus....

And attending a pro basketball game! Come to think of it..this was my first pro basketball game as well!  

She raved about he popcorn and the half-time show!  The game...not so much but we had lots of fun anyway.  

And Katie...well, let's just say that she got tied up with Daddy this week!   

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