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Peter Rabbit

It is our second year in a row to make it to the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre for their annual children's production.  This year was "Peter Rabbit and Me"...the story through the eyes of young Beatrix Potter. Last year, it was a date for Rosie and I.  This year, I thought Jack may be old enough to enjoy it as well.   

Along with our friends Julie and Meg, we made our way into the city on a cold and rainy morning.  Although, you would never have known the weather was nasty with the warm smiles I was stealing from these littles.   

With fingers crossed we entered the theatre. I said a silent prayer that Jack was old enough at the ripe age of four to sit for an hour in a quiet playhouse.  

Much to my delight, both Nola and Jack were gems!  At one point, before the show, the kids were invited to come on stage and do a little acting.  Nola was quick to say "NO" and bury her face in her hands...but Jack.  Well, that's another story.  

He was the guy jumping up and down and saying, "me! me! me!"

He was also the guy who clapped after his own performance!  

Watching the play was a success with one minor hiccup.  When Farmer MeGregor came into his garden with a hoe, Jack yelled, "He has an axe!"  The ladies behind us giggled and well, I couldn't help but giggle, too. After the performance, the children were invited to meet the cast and crew.  My brave guy, not intimidated by much, started a full blown conversation with Farmer McGregor.  

When Jack reached up for what looked like a hug, both the Farmer and I were ready.  

But a hug isn't what he got!  Instead, Jack rubbed his mutton chops before starting a friendly game of peek-a-boo!  With cheeks flushed red, I thanked Farmer McGregor for being a good sport and high-tailed it out of there!  

Rosie said, "Mom, can you believe Jack did that?"  

Yes, sweet girl...I can believe he did that.  Jack has never met a stranger.  Blessed with the uncanny ability to talk to anyone, I have a feeling that Mr. Personable will do just fine in this world.  

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