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Holiday World 2015

Oh, My!  Things have been busy around here and my lack of blogging commiserates the story.  I returned to the classroom after a 5 month adoptive leave with Bear.  What I have learned with 4 littles is that the longer you are home, the harder it is to return to whatever it was you left behind.  Bear's adjustment to my return to work has been a cinch and I am so thankful for the easy adjustment.   In other news, I just wrapped up Red Thread's third Christmas card season (it was a whopper) and I stumbled into a great opportunity to help orphaned children overseas and foster children right here in the States.  More on that later...right now, let's catch up on some much overdue blogging!  

Aunt Cassie and Cousin Julie gifted the Trusty children with tickets to Holiday World!  I bet it would surprise you to learn that Holiday World is one of the top rated amusement parks in the country, beating out Disney for the friendliest and cleanest.  Let's hear it for the Hoosier state!  Woot!  Woot!  The only downside, it is located in the middle of nowhere!  The good news is that folks in Indy and Louisville can make a day trip out of it!

Bear was feeling brave and pointed to the Fishies for his first ride!      

Jack and Kate joined in with equal enthusiasm.  

Sweet Nola told me that she would do it for the babies but thought she is getting a bit too old for this ride!  

Next up, the carrousel and not just any carrousel, a miniature version with tiny deer!  Bear was not impressed.  In fact, he was actually terrified which surprised us.   

The big kids thought is was a blast....

But Bear held firm in his opinion that miniature deer are frightening.   

Small, child-sized rockets with guns (wrong on so many levels) were more his speed. 

So, we decided to let him skip the seahorses to keep his newly regained confidence intact.   

That's when we found the canoes! 

Six rides later....

It was unanimous.   

4 out of 4 Trusty Tots agree that it is THE BEST RIDE EVER!!!!  

With a pumpkin pie funnel cake behind us, we did what only Indiana kids would do...we hit the CORN Box!  

Sandboxes are so cliche´ these days...why not branch out, widen your horizon!  

Thanks Cassie and Julie for this awesome adventure!  It was the perfect Fall day with the best littles around!  

Happy Thanksgiving

Halloween Wishes