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Star of The Show: Jack's Holiday Program

Here's the thing about Jack.  You never know what to expect because he is always full of surprises.  Last year at holiday program time he told us that he was going to do a ninja dance on stage.  Yes, we spoke to him about his "stage presence" and let him know what our expectations were for him.  That said, we waited in the audience with baited breathe and silent prayers that Mr. Personality wouldn't flip, roll or kung fu his way into the spotlight.  All of that worry was for nothing.  He was shy on stage...barely opening his mouth as his words came out in a whisper.  He was so shy and nervous that I was shaking for him.  

Fast forward one year.  I knew that something was up when Jack swaggered on stage with one hand in his pocket and an impish grin that made this mama break out in an instant sweat.  

Once on stage, he assessed the audience. 

And then let it rip! 

When I told him to sing loud, I should have been a bit more clear. However, a few moments later he settled into a nice rhythm, acting out all of the parts to "Away in the Manger."  Thata boy! 

He was doing such a fine job, I grabbed my phone to tape a bit for our family.  

I mean, he was SOOOO good, that he took a bow.  

Jack sang a bit more and then took a few more bows for the audience.  You may have noticed that no one else is bowing for the crowd.  Well, thats because he was the only one.  And he did it after almost every single song. 

This kid.  

I love him fiercely.  

Christmas 2015

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