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Christmas 2015

When I started the blog a few years back, I would get emails asking why I didn't share more Christmas morning photos.  The truth is, I tried to photograph it....once.  The lighting is horrid, the room is a mess and I found myself fighting for angles to capture the joy on my children's faces.  I failed.  And even worse, I missed the moment because I was stuck behind the camera.  

This year, I read an article about placing the camera on a tripod to capture Christmas morning.  I was intrigued, but sadly my camera doesn't have an automatic timer and I was out of time to pick one up at the store.  I decided I would try an altered version...setting the camera on a tripod, locked and loaded, and then ask anyone who walked by to simply take the shot.  It worked.  The pictures captured the chaos and excitement of Christmas morning and I moved the tripod just three times.  

Without further ado, here is a peek of our children at 6:30am.  

You will notice a lot of extra people.  

Yup, our family drove in from northern Indiana.  

They left home at 4:30am to make it in time to see the littles come down the staircase. That's love people! 

Their hands were much appreciated taking toys out of boxes and picking up gift wrap.  

Although, now I think about it, it was the least they could do. 

You see, they had to drive an extra car to carry all of the presents they brought. I am not kidding. They literally had to bring a second car.   

Buscia and Dzia went a little overboard...to no one's surprise. 

The Trusty Tots weren't complaining. 

In fact, they said that they wished we could have Christmas every single day!  

Yes, it was crazy, chaotic and loud. 

But there were lots of tender moments, too.  I had to take the camera off the tripod to capture great nephew Isaac having breakfast compliments of Granny.  

After gifts we enjoyed a nice breakfast together. I made my usual:  quiche, hash brown casserole, a green salad, and something sweet. This year, it was monkey bread!  We stayed in jammies, played games and watched a movie.  We napped, snacked and cuddled. 

And just like that, Christmas was over. 

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