Trusty Party of Six

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Christmas Preparations


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Celebrating the addition of a baby named Bear.  

Mama in her sweatpants, Dad in a cap,

The littlest Trusty was down for a nap.

The parents kicked back, enjoying a rest.

Shouted, "Have at it, Kids! Just do your best!"

That's right folks.  After putting on the garland and lights, Dennis and I let the littles do almost all of the ornament placement...only helping with the areas too high for them to reach.  If you know me, I can get a bit, um...anal, about holiday decorations (and birthday parties but that's another post).  This year, we turned on some holiday tunes and enjoyed a bit of tea while the kids did the work. Hmmm..I think I may be on to something!   

Happy Holidays, 

The Trusty Family