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Orlando and Seaside: Fall Break 2015

A few weeks ago, we headed out of town for a Fall Break vacation.  Our first stop was Orlando, where we met up with Jewel and her lovely family.  If you have been following along the last few years, you will recognize this cutie-patootie as Kate's China sister from Huidong.  Keeping with tradition, we met up at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for pizza and dessert. This year Dana (mama of Jewel) knocked our socks off with a homemade key lime pie that was so good that we considered moving to Florida for a spilt second!  The pressure is now on as we look forward to their family visiting in the future.  Hmmm...I may have to pull out my secret weapon.  Apple Crisp!  

As you can imagine, it didn't take the little girls long to resume their playful connection.  Nearly impossible to photograph, Dana and I did our best just to keep up with them! These little firecrackers owned the joint as they took over the resort armed with nothing more than their good looks and charm!

Lots of love to Aunt Dana and Uncle Nick for hosting us once again!  We love you!

No stop to Orlando would be complete without some time at Disney!  With 10 days remaining on our annual passes, we soaked up every second.  The highlight this year was the Not So Scary Halloween Party.  As you can see, we brought the skeleton crew!  Great memories made and fun times had for all!

Ten days at Disney isn't for the faint of heart, so we broke up our days to make it more manageable and enjoyable for all.  Our formula looks a little something like this.  We visit the park from around 9-2 each day, followed by naps. Mom and Dad participated in naptime when necessary, however it is mandated for the rest of the crew!  Once awake, it is game on for swimming and dinner!  

A few days before taking off for the beach, we spent a little time with Josie!  Dennis and I met her parents in Hong Kong while we were on our way to meet Kate!  We had an instant connection and couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit them while we were in the area.  We spent the evening in the park reminiscing and catching up on the last year!  

From Orlando we made our way to Seaside, Fl.  My dear friend Ashley has been bragging about this place for years so we had to check it out! Trust me when I say, it did not disappoint!  It is darling....quaint cottages, vegan food trucks and happy children walking the streets with ice cream dripping down their arms.  This may be heaven on Earth!   

The shops were an eclectic mix of beach town whimsy and European street markets.

After spending the day on the water, it was so peaceful to stroll the streets of the town square. 

It was easy to soak up the the charm that is uniquely Seaside. 

The littles enjoyed our nightly strolls and the sweet endings to our evenings....ice cream.  

They also had their fill of other tantalizing treats from the food trucks.  

But mostly....they enjoyed their time on the beach.  It's hard to compete with turquoise salt water.  

Halloween Wishes