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Pumpkin Pie - Apple of My Eye

What a blessing it was to be able to chaperone Nola's field trip...for a couple reasons.  First, my girl was recovering from a weeklong fever and I really didn't think she would have the strength to participate. Second, I was "just" a parent.  Usually, I am the teacher methodically counting 25 heads to make sure no one slipped away. This time I was able to focus all of my energy on one kiddo...the one that made me a mama.  Rosie-Roo!

 The weather was perfect...slightly crisp and oh, so sunny!  I met my girl as she unloaded the bus with her classmates at the pumpkin patch.  

A short hayride later, we were in the field.  Nola was thinking hard about this little gem but eventually decided that he was a bit too small for the face she was hoping to get dad to carve.  

She settled on something a tad bigger. 

With pumpkin picking behind us, it was time for farm chores!  Nola cleaned a stall, collected eggs and loaded the hayloft!  She was a star, I tell you!  Just look at her work!  

Thanks for a great day, my love!  

You were an awesome date!  



Happy Mid-Autumn Festival