I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   


At the farm...we do things big!

Big gardens. Big Hugs. Big Meals. Big Laughs. Big Pranks. Big Fun.  

And if you ask the guys, BIG TOYS will probably make the list.  

Yup, Great Uncle Steve arrived in grand style to pick up his co-pilot Jack last weekend!  

He parked this little beauty right in front of Granny's house.  

And after a little practice on Jack's behalf

They headed off down the road!  According to Jack, it was an adventure! 

Yea, at the farm we do things Big!

Big Prayers. Big Work. Big Family. Big Times. Big Love.  

And sometimes, Big Memories.

Did you notice the beautiful tree lined street in the first photograph?  That was the view I had from my bedroom growing up.  Most summers my fingers were stained purple from picking mulberries along the road...some to eat and some for Nan's jelly.  

Grandpa Jack spent hours walking up and down this area looking for rare, edible mushrooms. Upon finding this treasure, he would return to the farm where Granny would slice, flour and fry them in an iron skillet.  Usually just enough for a small plate, we would stand in the kitchen and eat the mushrooms appetizer style, huddled together and chatting about the day.  On a special occasion, when Grandpa came back to the house with a full bag, he would have Gran prepare them a little different...hearty slices that would fit perfectly between two pieces of white bread.  Oh, yes.  I am sure he invented the fried mushroom sandwich, topped with just a bit of mustard.  

My brother Edward, dressed in Carhartts,  hunted all sorts of critters by either crossing that street or walking into the woods behind the farm. I joined along as a young girl, especially if it was a practice hunt with the dogs.  He would tree a raccoon in front of me or let the dogs chase a rabbit.... but nothing more.  I think he knew my heart wasn't built for the real thing and that I was just there for his company.

 It's hard to explain, but time just seems to move slower at the farm.  Slower and Sweeter.  No crazy days spent to and from.  No long commutes.  No overbooking.  You can still pull into the farm today and find a group sitting on the porch drinking coffee.  The house will smell delicious because something is always cooking and the washing machine will be humming in the background.  I promise you, there has never been more than a single load waiting to be washed. It's miraculous. And if you do decide to stop by the farm, be prepared to stay awhile.  The conversation is good and the company even better.  Plus, you will never get your car out of the drive until the evening hours.  Like Noah's Ark, the vehicles are arragned 2 by 2 and will stretch the entire length of the driveway.  Unless you're late of course. Then you will have to park in the side yard.... and that's just shameful!    

That Street.  Big Memories.    

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