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Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese New Year is just around the corner (February 19th) and Katie-Hui and I wanted to take advantage of the balmy, 40 degree, Indiana weather for a little photo fun. Honestly, I wasn't sure if there would be another day for her to model her silks without rain or snow, so we went for it.   

In the Chinese culture, New Year is the largest celebration enjoyed by the country and its people.  And the meal....it's extensive and elaborate, much like an American Christmas dinner. Oh, but instead of turkey, they most likely serve fish.      

Fireworks are a huge part of the New Year celebration.  They are thought to drive away evil spirits.  So, at exactly 12pm on New Year's Eve, fireworks will be launched to celebrate the coming year, drive away evil and to bring good luck.  Daddy loves this.  It's an excuse to unleash his inner pyro.  

Gifts are given in the form of red envelopes containing money for the children.  They are usually given by parents and grandparents and are thought to protect the children from harm, while keeping them healthy and ensuring a long life.

Oh, and the decorations!  Think beautiful lanterns and ornaments made from red silk...the color of luck and The Dragon.  

We have a lot to learn about Chinese New Year but are having fun researching this important piece of Katie's heritage.   

We are making big plans.  Our lanterns and red envelopes have been purchased....

And we are looking forward to an authentic Dim Sum style lunch in the city.  

We are also hoping to score tickets to a children's Chinese New Year festival in Carmel, Indiana.  

We are so thankful to celebrate this special time with our girl.  So, here's to you, Katie-Hui and your first Chinese New Year celebrated at home. 

Ni shi bao bei  


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