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Apple Pickin' Time

Fall has arrived here in Indiana and so have all of the great activities that go with it!  We headed out to the apple orchard this weekend for a few yummy treats...apples, cider and donuts!  

Specials thanks to Fun Jeff and Fun Mary for joining us...and for their contribution to the sugar comas that hit just before lunch!  

Apparently, being small and cute gets you things.  Here the kiddos buttered up this poor man to the point of letting them eat as many samples as they wanted.  MMMMM.....apple cider donuts. 

With snack time behind us, we made our way to the orchard.  Fun Jeff showed the kids a cool trick!  Do you think you could eat an apple while still attached to the tree?

Little Katie did minimal picking.  She chose just two apples.  One for holding and the other for eating. 

Jack and Nola loaded their bags full!  

After visiting with the Collyers we made our way home.  It was time to turn our fruit into Apple Cream Cheese Cake!  It was delicious.  Feel free to give it a try:  


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

I Love You, Little Bear