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Granny and Jack

I love it when my Granny comes to stay...and so does the rest of the family.  This trip was the first with Nola in school, giving Jack lots of one-on-one time with Gran while Katie-Hui napped in the afternoons.  These two had lots of good laughs.  Would you like me to share?

One afternoon while Gran was on the phone, she commented that something was "stupid."  Jack, without saying a word, went upstairs and quickly returned with a bottle of hand soap.  Gran was still chatting away when Jack climbed into her lap and fish hooked her with the bottle. As she started to defend herself, she yelled, "Jack, honey!  What are you doing?"  He said, " I am going to wash your mouth out with soap."  Granny replied, "Why?"  Jack said, "Because you said STUPID and that is a bad word." Granny hung up the phone...and took her punishment like a lady.   

During nap time this week, I tucked Jack into bed when I noticed a small cup beside him.  I asked him what it was and he said, "Those are just my teeth, mama."  I looked inside the cup and found that it was 1/2 full of water and there, resting on the bottom, was one pair of glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth.  It took me a moment before I realized that, just like Granny, he was taking his teeth out before bedtime.  

Jack is a comedian and makes Granny laugh, but there are also lots of tender moments as well. 

From my bedroom, I can hear them sing songs at night.  Songs that she would sing to me as a little girl.  I close my eyes and hum along to Jesus Loves The Little Children Of The World.  And I smile when Jack joins in the chorus of Peter, James and John In a Little Sailboat.

And I listen when they pray.  Granny prays in detail for specific people and situations.  Nola prays for Dennis and I (along with ALL the animals in the world) and Jack...well, he prays for "Jack and the Beanstalk."  I'm not sure what that's about, but if I get to the bottom if it, I will let you know.  

Our silly boy also earned a whole dollar from Granny this week.  When I asked him what he was planning on doing with it he said, "I am thinking of getting Granny a real present for her birthday or maybe getting Tatie-Hui a small Mickey Mouse blanket like mine."  

Jack loves this lady so much that he is willing to eat her gluten free toast (dubbed stink-toast by the grandchildren) just so he can sit in her lap in the morning.  She also let's him sip from her coffee cup, but I've chosen to overlook that.  I love that they both think they are getting away with something. 

When I asked Jack to tell me what he loved most about Gran, he said this...

"Well, I love sitting on her lap and hugging her.  And sharing my pillow when she sleeps with me. I just love Granny. I feel like I love her the most. "

Pretty In Pink

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