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Sit and Spin

I woke early this morning to tidy up the kitchen.  Ok..the truth is I was exhausted last night and left all of the dishes sitting on counter and was faced with scrubbing away the residue of last night's stir fry. Being a pro at multi-tasking, I had the phone up to my ear and was chatting away with my cousin Andrea. That's when I heard the gate unlatch from the basement playroom.  Soon followed the grunting and groaning of a little man carrying up something to play with.  From the corner of my eye, I noticed that Jack chose the Sit and Spin to lug up the stairs.

I continued to chat with Andie about my plan for the day and when the kids would be starting school.  Just as she started to tell me about a side job she had taken on, Jack starting laughing...deep, belly laughs.  She said, "What is Jack doing?"  I told her, "He is in the kitchen on the Sit and Spin." I chuckled and said, "I wish that was the most important thing I had to do today! Oh, to be a kid!"  

Moved by Jack's joy, I grabbed the camera from the office, phone still glued to my ear and snapped 5 pics.

Not deterred by the camera...

Or his uncombed hair...

My little man kept spinning away.

And in these few moments, I felt like a kid, too.  I was living it with him. 

After 15 minutes or so, the children moved on to an art activity at the kitchen table.  I walked past the Sit and Spin on my way to office and wondered if I still had what it took.  I climbed on and cautiously gave it a whirl.  Nola, with surprise in her voice, yelled out, "Mom what are doing?" Then both she and Jack laughed as I goofed in front of my children.  I asked them if I was doing it right and Nola giggled before saying, "Yes, but you are moving soooo slow."  

The truth is, I do not have what it takes to be a Sit and Spin master. I was dizzy and motion sick within just seconds. However, my kids thought it was fantastic and I made the front page of the "Nola News."  It is her personal newsletter created with stolen pieces of paper from Daddy's fax machine. I didn't even mind that she drew me as a frog. I was just happy to make the Thursday edition..confirming that I am cool, at least for a little while longer, in her eyes.  Who knew the Sit and Spin would turn out to be the most important thing I did today. 



It just can't be...

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