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When The Siblings Are Away....

Busia and Dzia Dzia called last week and asked if they could surprise Nola and Jack with an overnight trip to their house.  When I asked for details, this is what they gave me:

1. Stop at Ivanhoe's for Lunch. Hey, we all know that a 1.5 hr car trip can be a doozie and no one likes an empty tummy.  Why not stop at an ice cream parlor to refuel? 

2. Swimming for Exercise. Plus it doubles as a bath.    

3. Making Homemade Popsicles. One needs to cool off after copious amounts of swimming!

4. Chuck E. Cheese....For Dinner of Course.  Where else would you go for a balanced and nutritious meal? 

So early this morning they showed up unannounced to the children.  The kids screamed when they opened the front door and danced up and down when they learned of the secret plan. Dennis and I had their bags packed (including their pet grasshopper and American Girl Doll Magazine) and they pulled out of the driveway just 10 minutes later.   

Hubby and I sat around looking at each other for a few minutes deciding what we would do with Katie-Hui.  She stood at the door for a spell before searching the house in efforts to find her siblings.  Now before y'all email me about leaving Katie behind, she was invited to go.  However, Dennis and I agree that she isn't ready to stay the night away from us.  Plus, Nola and Jack have earned some much needed "big kid fun!"

So, after a brief discussion, we concluded that there was really one option for us today....THE State Fair!  

Kate, dressed in an apron, worked a bit on the "kiddie farm."  It was tough collecting those eggs! 

Next it was time to plow the field.  

Plowing was so much fun that Katie-Hui didn't want to stop.

Milking a cow is harder than it looks.

Don't believe me?  Just give it a try.  

All of that work left our little farmer hot and thirsty.

With chores behind us, we visited the animals.  Kate's favorite...stylish sheep wearing a variety of colors and textures this season.  Notice how the lime green really makes the ear tag pop!  Work it, girls!  Work, it! 

All of the babies in one pen together.  

Found some more sleepy babies...just as cute the white calves.  

After a good hand wash, it was time for a snack. 

Here's my favorite part of the day!  Goat Feeding!  Nola and Jack love it and we were sure that Katie would too.  She was standing close to the exhibit, just finishing her snack, when this little fellow popped his head out and surprised her!  

She refused to sit down the popcorn box but was determined to figure out how to operated the feed dispenser with one hand. With assistance, she turned the handle and let Daddy do the feeding.  

She never did figure out how to do it on her own but she had a lot of fun trying!

We are looking forward to returning next week with the whole clan in tow! 

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