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Jack Goes To Preschool!

My little man went to "Meet The Teacher" at preschool last week.  It is a warm up session, one-on-one, in the classroom.  He was ready, armed with flowers and a great smile.  That was until I told him that the other children would not be attending....just him.  And it was only for 20 minutes, not an entire session.  

After a little contemplation, he decided that going for 20 minutes was better than not going at all.  Plus, he had that awesome bouquet to give to his teacher!

And she loved it!  Meet Mrs. Prather.  Jack thinks she is pretty.  

They spent their one-on-one time together making a rocket ship!  

When the rocket was done, Mrs. Prather snapped a few pics of J-Man and said goodbye.  He left feeling good about preschool and excited to go back to be with his teacher and the other children.  

Jack suffered through a long and painful weekend.  OK, it wasn't painful but time was dragging and he was ready to start school.  He woke up early, dressed in his uniform (a little more relaxed than Rosie's) and had pancakes for breakfast.  He was starting to get nervous so he nibbled, taking just 3 bites. But never fear, he filled up on a large glass of strawberry milk.  In case you are wondering, strawberry milk is a celebratory drink around here...our version of Champagne.  

Right before loading our super cool mini van, I snapped a handful of pics in front of the house.  Jack was distracted by the moon (still in the sky at 7:30am)....and a little flower that he found in the grass.  He picked it and said, "Mama, I want you to teep this fur eber."  

Daddy, Kate and I dropped Jack off at preschool.  He ran to the front door excited.  As the group gathered, he became increasingly more shy.  And by the time everyone was in the meeting hall, he was flat out nervous....looking shell shocked. The group (77 children) was creating quite the stir with camera flashes, crying tots and excited teachers.  Little Jack was becoming overwhelmed just as they were headed back to their classrooms.  With a quick hug and kiss, we sent him on his way.  Dennis and I peered through a window for a few moments (ok, minutes) and left our little man at school.  I cried all the way home while Dennis reminded me that he would have fun with the other children and maybe even learn something, too!  

I picked my little man up from preschool and was pleased to get a good report from his teacher. She said, "Jack followed directions and had a very nice day."  When I asked him how his day went, he said, "I painted with my fingers.  I also learned how to sit criss-cross-applesauce."  We celebrated his awesome day with sliders and milkshakes from Steak-N-Shake!

Way to go, Jack-Man!  We are so proud of you! 

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