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Off To Kindergarten

Dearest Rosie, 

Last night you came to my room because you couldn't sleep.  You said, "Mama can I sleep with you? I'm just too excited about school tomorrow."  I lifted the covers and you slid in next to me. As you snuggled in, I took a good look at my baby girl. Your head rested under my chin and your toes brushed my knees.  You looked so small and so big, all at the same time.

 When you woke this morning you requested 2 pieces of sausage and a "plain ponytail."  You were all grins as you dressed in your uniform, pulled on your knee socks and loaded your backpack.  I knew right then that you were going to hit it out of the park today.  Before leaving for school, we took a few pics!

An Apple....

And A Bouquet For Your Teacher. 

Breaking In The New Shoes!  Oh Boy, You Were Fast!

Proudly Showing Off The Backpack

And How To Sit In A Skirt!  Looking Good Rosie-Ru!

You Were All Smiles On The Way To School And Giggled In The Back Seat!

When We Arrived, Your First Job Was To Sign-In And Find Your Seat!

Next Up, A Writing Assignment...But Not Before Flashing Me The Sign For "I Love You!"

Soon Your Teacher Said To The Families, "Time For Hugs!"

And Just Like That You Were Off To Kindergarten.  The Day Moved Fast For Mama, But Not For Your Little Brother.  Jack said, "Mama, are we all alone?"  I Told Him You Were At School And We Would Pick You Up Later.  He Wore His Backpack Most Of The Day And Asked About You Often. 

When It was Time To Pick You Up, I Raced To School. When The Doors Opened, You Walked Out As The Line Leader And Gave Your Teacher A High Five.  You Told Me That School Was Awesome But You Got Really Tired After Lunch!  You Also Told Me That Your Favorite Part Of The Day Was A "Gingerbread Hunt Around The School."  Waiting In The Car Were Three Treats: Jack, Kate and Chocolate Chip Cookies!  You Gobbled Them All The Way Home.  

We are so proud of you, Nola.  Your Excitement Was Contagious And That Smile Was Bright Enough To Light Up The Room!  

Looking Forward To A Great Kindergarten Year!



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