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Martha's Vineyard

Oh, Martha's Vineyard...a story to tell.

We woke up early to catch the ferry in Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard.  The kids did great on the 30 minute cruise to the island.    

As we docked in Oak Bluffs, we were greeted by this sweet beach.

We made our way through town while admiring the store fronts along the way. Black Dog or Vineyard Vines anyone?  

After 15 minutes of strolling the streets, we arrived at our destination.  The very famous and popular campground cottages. Each one is unique, with intricate details.

And you know that I am a details kind of girl. For instance, take a look at this fabulous tea set. Doesn't it make you want to sit for spell....sipping away on a porch surrounded by blue hydrangeas, chirping birds and the salty smell of ocean air.  

Or these rocking chairs.  Don't you want to kick off those sandy flip flops and rock for a bit on a lavender porch? I do!  

Mary and I stopped to visit with an elderly lady that was rocking away on her porch.  She told us that her family has been the original owner of the cottage since it was built in the 1800s. She has spent every summer there since she has been a child....sweet memories. 

After our visit to the cottages, we made our way back into town for a spin on the flying horses. Built in 1876, this national landmark is our nation's oldest platform carousel.  Originally from Coney Island, it was moved to the island in 1884 where it has been in operation ever since.  The Trusty Trio loved it! 

Next up: A private tour of the island....right smack in the middle of nap time.  I love lighthouses and was thrilled to get up close and personal with this beauty.    

After the lighthouse we loaded up for the next portion of the tour.  Only too bad for me because the kids were tired and not exactly thrilled about being chauffeured around the island in a van. They started to fuss...and pick...and generally torment one another.  So I promptly gave them a time out on the front steps of a small store.  Just as I was giving them a "what for" the Collyer family walked by giggling.  That's when it hit me.  My children were in a public time out on Martha's Vineyard. I grabbed my camera for a quick picture when Rosie noticed.  She went from feeling sorry for herself, with tears in her eyes, to a model in 1 second flat.  Geesh.  

We decided to shorten the tour but not before we stopped to see this.  Beautiful.  

So we went to Martha's Vineyard.  We shopped, photographed lighthouses, looked at the homes of the rich and famous, heard about the preparations for President Obama's stay, yada yada yada.  The list goes on. But what will I remember about our trip to Martha's Vineyard?

Laughing Children on a Carousel and a Time Out on The Steps of a Little Store....basically the important stuff.   

Ending on A Sweet Note

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