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Niagara Falls and Lake George

We made it home safely from another great family adventure.  Our goal was to make it to the east coast while enjoying stops along the way.  First up....Niagara Falls!  

The kids couldn't wait to ride The Maid of the Mist, so we headed there first!  Jack's ears perked up when he heard that someone successfully went over the Falls in a barrel.  He said, "Oh, Mama.  I want to try that."  Before I could respond, Daddy promptly let him know that he would NOT be going over the Falls in a barrel...ever.  It didn't dampen his spirits and the kids squealed with delight as we got drenched with water.  

iPhone Fun

*Note that someone has their hands on Evil Kenevil...um, I mean Jack at all times.  

Soaking wet, we made our way to the walking trails around the Falls and took in the amazing sights and sounds!  

iPhone Fun  

All that sightseeing sure made the kiddos hungry...for ice cream.  Next stop, "Twist Of The Mist!"

Kate has never been a fan of ice cream....but we think she's starting to acquire a taste for it! 

With appetizers behind us.....it was time for lunch!  We ended up next door at a little joint called Misty Dog.  They loved playing in the swivel chairs while D and I planned the next leg of our trip. 

The girls started tickling each other....

So Jack moved to a table by himself. I wonder what he was thinking about?  Let's pray that it had nothing to do with going over the Falls in barrel!  

We left Niagara Falls and started our journey to Saratoga Springs and Lake George.  The plan was to enjoy the afternoon and evening in Saratoga Springs, but when we arrived it was packed because of a festival and the kids....well they just wanted to swim at the hotel!  So, we did a quick driving tour of the town before making our way to Lake George.  There we checked into the hotel and played at the water park for the rest of the evening.  

The next morning we toured the town and took a cruise aboard The Minnie Ha Ha. She is one of the last working steamboats in the US and provided a smooth and comfortable ride.  

The scenery was beautiful...

but just as I started to daydream about retiring in this quant, little cottage....

Kate hit the wall.  The culprit: the jar of peanuts that she was holding.  Within minutes of this pic, our little angel successfully cleared the top deck of The Minnie Ha Ha with her ear piercing  screams. Apparently she did not want to share the peanuts. As we exited the boat, Daddy said, "I would say that today was a success!"  We laughed as we embarrassingly loaded up for the second part of our driving trip!  

Stay Tuned for Cape Cod! 

Cape Cod Arrival

Happy Birthday, Katherine!