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Cape Cod: National Seashore, Chatham and Family Pics

A trip to The Cape wouldn't be complete without a visit to the national seashore. Our plan was to work our way up the coastline from Barnstable to Provincetown, making for a very busy day. We started with a hike at Salt Pond and enjoyed the quiet, outdoor beauty it offered. 

Once the hike was finished we headed to the pier in Chatham.  It's the only commercial fishing pier in Cape Cod and it was buzzing with action.  Warning: The photos below are graphic but must be included because this excursion was Jack's favorite part of the entire trip.  We let him stand on the pier for over an hour watching the fisherman dock, unload and transport their catch to a truck via forklift. From there the fish were hauled to local markets and restaurants. The rest were headed to the airport to be shipped around the world.  Jack is certain he wants to be a fisherman and Nola would like to be "the girl who presses the button to dump the fish."  

This specific boat was called "The Jack Tar" and the crew was especially kind.  Little Kate took it upon herself to chuck her little white sandal into the elevator bin with all of the dead fish.  The crowd gasped as a pleasant fisherman climbed inside to retrieve her shoe. He washed it off before returning it to Kate.  

Just in case you are wondering...NO, I did not let her put it back on. GROSS.  

*Look below for two friendly seals that hangout at the pier.  They wait for the fish that fall overboard or slip out of the bin..making for a tasty and effortless lunch.   

After visiting the towns of Eastham and Chatham, we continued to work our way toward P-town. We enjoyed the national seashore and went for a swim at Raceway Beach. The water was freezing and we only went in ankle deep...which is OK by me.  Granny called on this particular day to let us know that several great white sharks were spotted off the coast. Yikes!   

Just before returning home, we stopped at "Sundae School."  It is an award winning ice cream parlor that was named "One Of The Best Ice Cream Spots In The US" by Food and Wine magazine in 2013.  It was delicious. I enjoyed amaretto nut, while Nola savored the chocolate peanut butter.  Jack and Kate went with classic vanilla...topped with M&Ms. And D, well I could have told you what he would order before we ever walked in. Three cheers for Pistachio!

Later that day, just as the sun was setting, we made our way to the dock for a family portrait. Jeff volunteered to capture the craziness that we call family!  We were pushing sunset so we skipped showers and washed off the sticky ice cream.  D, Jack and Katie-Hui strongly dislike (aka: hate) having their pictures taken so it was a decent challenge for Jeff but he persevered.  In the end...we got a few keepers!  Thanks for the group shots, Jeff!  

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