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Cape Cod: Country Store, Beach Walk and S'mores

The Trusty children love to visit penny candy stores and when we came across this little gem in Craigsville, we had to stop by.  A few minutes and $1.70 later we had some very happy kiddos.  

From there we made our way to a small beach that was just a few minutes from our home.  We were watching the sail boats when I noticed how cute Katie-Hui looked in her white dress. She wasn't a fan of the tall grass and called out "Baba Baba" who swooped in to save the day!  My heart beats a little faster when I see Dennis with our children.  It doesn't matter if he is saving them from tall grass or fixing boo-boos....he's so handsome in those moments.    

Later that evening we decided to build a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows for supper. The kids stayed up well past their bedtime and entertained the adults with fake mustaches and a whoopie cushion. There is something about New England evenings...salty air and a cool, gentle breeze. It just screams summer!  

Can you believe it....more Cape Cod coming soon! 

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