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Cape Cod: Lighthouses, Whales and Lobster

We headed out of Hyannis Harbor for a whale watching cruise.  We have seen whales in both Alaska and Hawaii and knew that the kids would enjoy this special excursion. It didn't disappoint.   It was Nola's favorite part of the vacation (along with a seagull that ate a Cheez-It cracker she threw overboard) and she never took her eyes off the mammoth creatures that gracefully surfaced the water as if to say, "hello!"

Photos: Nola enjoyed the wind in her hair. Jeff not looking so happy to be on a 4hr group tour (thanks for being a sport). Most importantly, the Cheez-It eating seagull that Nola has been drawing and writing about for days. 

Our first glimpse of a whale!  

Once the cruise was finished, we made our way back into the harbor.  That is when I snapped these photographs. I love this light house....

And sleepy little village that rests next to it. 

But most of all, I love the colors!  This is my favorite landscape photograph from the trip.  

After the cruise, we stopped by the fish market in the harbor.  Our plan: to pick the perfect lobsters for dinner. We ladies browsed the daily catch before leaving the men to make the final selection.  You see, we had to rush back to the house to get the side dishes going!  Shortly later, the men arrived with 4 lobsters...weighing in at 2.5lbs each!  What happened next was the highlight of the trip for Dennis and Jeff.  We laughed until we cried as they read an online tutorial on how to cook, clean and prepare a lobster!  They approached the task scientifically, explaining to everyone the anatomy of the lobster....which only made us laugh harder.  Truly, I wish I had video taped it.    

The kids (big and little) joined in the fun!  

Once the lobster was ready, we set down for an amazing meal.  Mary and I worked our magic on the potatoes and corn and the boys...um, I mean MEN, did the rest.  The college girls along with the two oldest Trusty children tried the claw and tail meat and gave it two thumbs up!  The leftovers were used in lobster omelets for a yummy morning meal!  What fun memories with our friends! 

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