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Red Rain Boots

These Are Jack's Red Rain Boots

He Eats, Breathes and Sleeps In Them...Literally  

They Have Been To The Grocery Store, Doctor, School Carnival and Boating On Memorial Day

Three Years Ago Granny Purchased These Beauties....Originally A Gift For Nola

She Liked Them...But Not With The Same Passion As Her Brother

They're Almost Too Small Now...Another Sign That My Little Buddy Is Growing Up

In A Few Weeks, I Will Pack Up Jack's Red Rain Boots.  I Will Keep Them For Kate, But I Doubt She Will Feel The Same Way About Them.  The Truth Is, I Love That These Boots Are Jack's Most Prized Possession.  I Love That He Wears Them With Shorts..And On The Wrong Feet. I Love That He Sleeps In Them And Even When We Take Them Off In The Middle Of The Night, He Miraculously Wakes With Them On.  I  Love That Socks Are Always Optional. Maybe The Truth Is That I Love These Boots Just As Much As Jack .......And Hate To See Them Go.  

Happy Birthday, Jack

Sunday Night S'mores!