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Two Can Play This Game

Dearest Rosie,

Lesson #247:  Never Trick A Trickster

I got up early this morning to take a nice, hot shower...alone.  While I was busy readying myself for the day, you somehow made it into my bedroom without being detected.  From there you proceeded to hide between the dresser and the large pile of decorative pillows that I toss off the bed every evening.  Daddy thinks they are a pain in his neck....I think they are beautiful.  As I finished towel drying my hair, I opened the door from the master bath in search of my favorite fuzzy robe.  You know the one....pink with big pockets. And that's when it happened.  You jumped out from behind the dresser with catlike reflexes and yelled, "BOO!"  I screamed and clutched my chest. You giggled and said, "That really scared you, didn't it Mom?"  Your grin went ear to ear as you boastfully stood in front of me.     

Now I will admit it was funny.....you got me good.  I smiled and laughed knowing that you were proud of yourself...but also because I was already formulating a plan to give you a taste of your own medicine.  Tonight after you finished brushing your teeth and putting on your pink, frog jammies, I kissed you goodnight and left the room.  What you didn't see was that after I left, I walked directly into Kate's nursery because of the Jack and Jill bathroom that you share. I got down on my hands and knees and ever so quietly meowed like a kitten.  I know that you love kittens and would surely come to the door to investigate.  I meowed a few more times and scratched at the door to to lure you in....and you took the bait.  Not brave enough to open the door on your own, you got Jack to assist.  I heard you say, "Jack, I think there is a real kitten in there.  Can you hear it?"  Jack said, "I do hear a titten."  Just as you cracked the door, I busted out of there like a wild woman..with a loud bark and a fast lunge! You and Jack both screamed and Daddy doubled over in laughter.  This time I was giggling because I got you good. Poor Jack...he was just a bonus.

Just a few things to keep in mind, my little trickster. Make sure that your pranks are always in good spirits and are safe.  If someone could get hurt...think of something else. Injuries are never funny.  Timing is the key for both you and the person you are about to surprise. What is funny at home may not be funny at school or work.  Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you are big enough to take whatever comes back at you. And when it does come back, because it will, smile and take it like a lady.  

Now let's partner up and scare daddy. I think you would fit perfectly in his clothes hamper! 

Love you,


*The big pile of pillows and my little trickster!

Happy 4th of July!

2 Months Together