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2 Months Together

Time moves too fast!

We have been home with Katie-Hui (pronounced very similar to WAY) for 2 months.  Let's celebrate Little Love and all of her accomplishments, adventures and general discoveries this big world has to offer.

Life has returned to normal at the Trusty household.  We are done "cocooning" and happy to be out and about again.  Kate loves the zoo, children's museum, park, restaurants, dentist, post office, etc. She just loves to Go. Go. Go.   She had her first slumber party at Great Granny's house (with the rest of the Trusty crew) and met her grandpa, several cousins, aunts and uncles.  Kate even took a spin on a 4-wheeler and thought it was pretty neat.  Gotta love being on the farm!  She is doing better on long car trips but the true test will come in a few weeks as we take our first vacation as a family of 5!  You see, Kate has to earn her "Traveling Trusty" badge.  Nola earned hers at 3 months old...Jack at 5 months. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she loves traveling...or that she will at least tolerate it!   Other discoveries and accomplishments include climbing up and down stairs, speaking more words, playing in the sprinkler, eating Indian food and shopping!

 "How are Jack and Nola?"  To be honest, the newness has worn off and now Kate is "just" a plain ol' sister.  This is a good thing.  Jack is no longer jealous of sharing the spotlight and little sister is more patient than we expected.  She now plays with her siblings instead of observing.  The big kids (funny because they are 5 & 3) include her in games and help her when she struggles to keep up.  Nola is the quintessential big sister.... loving and affectionate.  She is protective and likes to mother Kate...every waking minute by holding her and feeding her.  Jack is an ornery brother who chases her with bugs and "helps" her eat dessert.  Just yesterday he sat in time-out for feeding her a piece of dog food during a game of "cats and dogs."  Apparently Kate was the dog.  That said, he is the first to help her on her bike and to kiss her in the morning.  It melts my heart every time I hear him say, "I love you Tatie-Way."

"How is Kate's health?"  So far so good.  Her heart doesn't seem to affect her although she does sleep longer than what would be considered normal.  This could be a combination of things...maybe her heart but most likely the rapid growth that is taking place.  She has grown almost an inch in 8 weeks and has packed on almost 2lbs.  Little Love is now weighing in at 18lbs 10oz...and she is turning 2 in just a few weeks. Her first visit to the dentist was a success (zero cavities) and her blood work came back indicating that Kate, did in fact, have all of the appropriate immunizations in China with the exception of the chicken pox vaccine.  She will get that in just a few weeks. We are so thankful for our beautiful and healthy girl.  

"You can't even tell she was adopted."  Well, the fact that she is Chinese usually gives it away, but yes, Kate is doing amazing!  She is happy, inquisitive and smart. We have bonded as a family and feel so fortunate that the transition has been easy for her...and for us.  However, there are still lingering signs that Kate's first 21 months were spent somewhere other than our home.  When I am cooking or doing dishes, she stands next to me holding my pant leg.  She checks frequently to see if food is available and feels comforted holding a small snack in her hand most of the day.  She waits in her crib every morning without signaling that she is awake because a long time ago she learned that you wake at a specific time...no point in crying.  Most recently, Kate made 3 trips to the lab where she had blood work.  She sat each time, perfectly still, as they stuck her time and time again.  She didn't flinch.  Instead she pulled in her bottom lip and furrowed her brow.  Too stubborn to cry or show weakness to a stranger, our Little Dragon was going to show them that she couldn't be hurt.  That she was strong.  That she was in control. 

So yes, overall Kate is doing great but I wouldn't say that all signs of starting life without a mommy or daddy have disappeared.  I would say that the healing process has begun and she is progressing faster than we expected.

"It seems like you guys are crazy about her."  When I was pregnant with my second child, I would have moments of worry.  Would I be able to love this child the way that I loved my first born?  Is it possible that my heart could hold twice the joy, pain, enthusiasm and pure affection for another child?   And then it happened.  The moment I delivered Jack I was completely and utterly in love.  

Those worries came back to me with Kate.  Could I love her the same way as I do the children I delivered?  The children that I grew in my womb?  And then it happened.  I saw Kate toddle across the waiting room in a large government building in China.  I didn't take my camera out of the bag was because I couldn't.  In that moment, I was struck by lightning.  Just like the first time I saw the faces of Nola and Jack....there she was.  My Katie-Hui.  Once again, I was utterly in love...and speechless.  I felt it in my heart.... my soul and with every breath of my being. I knew in that moment that God was thinking of Dennis and I when he created her life.  And that she was always meant to be our daughter.  It was always part of HIS plan. 


OK...the headband was pushing it.  My girl still doesn't like the camera..which kills me!  



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