I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Happy Birthday, Jack


Mama's Boy

Loves Dirt, Trucks and Granny's Farm

Enjoys Being Silly and Playing in Water

Desires To Have A Cowboy Hat and A  Beard

Watcher of Team Oomi Zoomi and The Little Einsteins 

Always Ready To Ride 4-Wheelers with Grandpa 

Daily Wearer of Red Rain Boots

Hopes to be a "Big Dinosaur" When He Grows Up

Answers to Jack-Jack & Mr. Handsome 

Best Friend To Nola

Sweet. Loving. Playful.

Oh what a year it has been!  It just doesn't seem possible that our little man is 3 years old.  Jack  knew right from the start that he wanted to have a "Dinosaur" themed party.  His only request..that his cake be "Peppermint Patio" flavor.  "Peppermint Patio" is Jack's favorite candy (York Peppermint Patties).  The boy loves chocolate and mint!  When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said, "Whatever you want to get me."  That's the thing about Jack.  He is happy and content with what he has.  

Jack loves to live life on the edge. He likes speed, heights and pushing the limits.  He jumps off of anything he can climb and is a dirt magnet.  If it looks dangerous, there is a good chance that Jack will be interested in exploring it further. In fact, he frequently says, "Ooh....that looks dangerous" but not in a scared way.  It's more of a "need to try" kind of way. He has comedic timing and works for laughs.  The truth is, people love Jack just the way they loved his great grandfather and namesake.  Both sensitive and caring men with just enough fire in their bellies to keep it interesting.

Happy Birthday, Jack-Jack!  We love you!

Mommy and Daddy 


Dinosaur Cupcakes!

 Going In For A Pre-Party Taste

Getting Busted In The Act

Not So Happy When Big Sister Laughed At Him For Getting Caught

Check Out The Birthday Boy's Dino T-Shirt

Taking A Cheeto Break On The Table While Daddy Works The Grill

The Party Favors Were A Hit With Nola....

And Kate....

And Jack, Too!  

What's Not To Love About Present Time!  

Trying Out His New Toys

Time For The Main Event!  Cake! 

At The End Of The Day I Tucked My Little Man In Bed Wearing New Dino Pjs...Under His New Dino Sheets.  He Said, "Mama, I Loved My Birfday."  

Happy Father's Day

Red Rain Boots